Tải phần mềm

Chúng tôi có kế hoạch giá đẹp cho bạn!


  • Easy to use
  • Automatically generates English / Khmer / Vietnam language accounts
  • Save time and rework
  • Dual currency system
  • Manage all your stock in multiple warehouses
  • Maintain stock items
  • Flexible yet highly secure
  • Produce financial reports automatically
  • Full compatibility with MS Office


  • Save Time
  • Payroll totally automated
  • Highly reliable and secure!
  • Reduce payroll mistakes!
  • Produce staff reports - extensive reporting features!
  • Can be totally integrated to legacy accounting systems
  • Can generate bank transfer orders
  • Record expenses, bonuses and advances
  • Produce pay-slips


  • Full Enterprise Resource Planning functionality
  • Multi warehousing and stock transfer
  • Serial #, Batch number and expiry date tracking
  • English Khmer interface
  • Automatically generate barcodes for stock items
  • Delivery Management
  • Advanced Analytical Accounting features
  • Multi user environment
  • Highly secure and flexible access rights
  • Cambodia Monthly Tax reports automated
  • Khmer / English


  • Dine In Interface
  • Take away interface
  • Delivery Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Kitchen order Transfers
  • Kicthen displays


  • Store Front Office (POS)
  • Store Back Office
  • Head office Module for chain stores