Software / Web Application / App Development

Biztools provides software development services to companies/implementing agencies. Our expertise focuses on Financial Applications such as Accounting ERP, Payroll HR, and Web Applications/App

System Integration

Biztools can provide you with the hardware, infrastructure, operating system and product installation service. Or, integration with your existing system if required.

Implementation and Consultancy

Biztools has plenty of experience on working with a variety of organizations, based on client requests, to ensure the systems are correctly setup to meet their requirements.

Training and On-job Support

Biztools has also become an established accounting training center where we leverage our products to help students, business owners, accountants and governmental staff to setup, maintain accounts and produce accounts at international standards.

Software Maintenance and Support

Biztools provides renewable yearly support and maintenance contracts. This service includes real time support, helpdesk, warranty/maintenance as well as system version upgrades.